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Nan PalmeroNan completed his Masters program at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi in a brisk 11 months. He spends over 150 hours per year on continuing education in the form of growth summits, conferences, meetings, books and top learning events.

Prior to joining Sales by 5 in October 2006, Nan worked in the financial industry and consulted for local companies. Within two months of working at Sales by 5, Nan attended a Mastering the Rockefeller Habits course taught by Verne Harnish and Erik Darmstetter; an intense program held for companies that are on or wish to be on a fast track for growth. Nan then attended the Gazelles Growth Summit in Houston and heard Doug Hall and Marcus Buckingham speak for the first time. These business gurus and their lessons allowed Nan to clearly see his passion: bring the best tools together to increase sales for companies and organizations.

Doug Hall invited Nan to come to the Eureka! Ranch and was trained as a coach for Eureka! Winning Ways. He uses these data proven truths to dramatically increase sales for companies and organizations daily. Additionally, he has been tapped by Eureka! Ranch to write new product and service concepts for Fortune 50 clients of Eureka! Ranch.

As well as being a certified coach for Eureka! Winning Ways, Nan also connected with The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC). He attended an exclusive workshop taught by Marcus Buckingham to less than 50 people. He is a student of the Strengths revolution and is helping to push the movement forward. Nan has taught the Strengths program to companies as small as three people to as large as a Fortune 150 corporation. His passion for the personal and professional development of Sales by 5’s clients is evident with every interaction.

You can frequently find Nan reading technology blogs at every opportunity. Nan has written for Qualcomm and repeatedly for the San Antonio Business Journal. He has also been chosen to write editorial posts as Nan Palmero Power User on BlackBerry Cool, an international BlackBerry blog written for BlackBerry enthusiasts and share his knowledge on the San Antonio Express News’s MySA blog. He’s also guest blogged for Rackspace and Robert Scoble’s Building43.

Nan also shoots pictures, especially of inanimate objects – they’re more patient. Samsung Camera USA and Getty Images selected Nan as the 2013 Imagelogger of the Year and gave him his award in Marbella, Spain. His most popular photographs have been featured by The New Yorker, Wired, Inc., Popular Mechanics, CIO, Guardian, Wikipedia Page for Soleil Moon Frye, Mashable, cnet, The Week, The Consumerist, NRDC, AOL’s CitysBest, BoingBoing and GigaOm.

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