Can You See The Future?


When you speak to one of your employees or coworkers, you have a choice.  You know these people are growing, as we all are.  You decide daily whether you recognize the people that you are speaking to as they are right now or as you know who they can and will be.

Choosing to recognize these people as the people you know they can be builds your team.  Additionally, it helps craft those people’s self view.  This will stretch them and allow them to become the person and team member you know they can be and develop into something greater.  That person may already have a great view of who they are and you helped bolster it.
If they’re like the rest of us, your encouragement and future focus of them as a person may be precisely what they need to continue growing because no one is speaking positively in their lives.  Today, choose to see the people around you as the future version of themselves.  You’ll make their lives and yours better along the way.

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

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