Get Time Warner Cable Wifi Free for Your Customers

Ampersand Made of Metal

Sharing. It’s the worst. Especially when it comes to internet speeds and having to do so with strangers. I guess it’s a little bit better when those strangers are people who pay you money. I think those are called customers. Nonetheless, slow internet speeds are grounds for breakups and civil wars. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore.

Time Warner Cable has done something friendly. I know, many of you are shocked, but it’s true! If you’re a Time Warner Cable Business Class subscriber, you can get another hotspot, for free, that gives your customers a separate bunch of bandwidth to suck down while you and your team members cruise along unencumbered by that one clown that has to get on his VPN with his RSA pocket calculator thing.

Time Warner will provide the hardware and service for free. They will also give you marketing materials and provide free support for the device and service. You can even customize the sign on page with your company logo, messaging and a website landing page. You also get free access at over 250,000 hotspots nationwide and a free business listing on TWC WiFi and partner WiFi coverage maps and apps. The device also lets you set how long a person can stay connected to your network, just in case you find you have a few customers wearing out their welcome.

If you’re interested in doing this for your business, then hit the link and get in touch with your internet overlord and ask for more internet porridge. You’ll submit a form to have a representative get in touch with you to get started. If you know your rep, feel free to give them a ring. This offer is new, so they might not yet be familiar. One thing is for sure, your customers will thank you. Your employees probably will as well…as long as you’re not a jerk about this whole thing.

Give me free customer internet with TWC Wifi! (the link is hit or miss in Chrome, you might try a different browser)

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

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