How to Renew a Blogspot Custom Domain

How do I renew a blogger custom domain? Answers here.


Last year, a neighborhood association needed a blog to post updates about what was happening with the pool and other extremely local events. In response, I set them up with a Blogger aka Blogspot account with a custom domain. Today, I was going nuts trying to figure out how to renew the domain. After digging for 45 minutes, I came across a post by LMckin51. The suggestion? Use the following address and replace the ending with your domain (no need for the http://www.) –  You’ll be pointed to Google Checkout to renew for $10.  Problem solved.

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

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28 thoughts on “How to Renew a Blogspot Custom Domain”

  1. I came across that link in my search to renew too. I’m not due until August but figured I’d get it out of the way before we got summer crazy. Does anyone know how to renew for more than one year?

  2. Thank you for dropping a line. I can’t seem to find a way to select a multi-year renewal. My suggestion is just to go back every few days and repeat this process until you’ve renewed for as many years as you’d like. I know it’s not optimal, but we remain at Google’s mercy until they work on this UI.

  3. Thank you soooo much for this!!! My deadline is fast approaching and i have been having so many problems with blogger and not being able to renew my domain was kind of the last straw- why don’t they have a button “renew here”- seems so ridiculous. Really i should be switching to wordpress but after a year of customizing my blog, i’d be so disappointed to have to start all over again. so alas, i will renew and continue on with blogger despite my frustrations with it. what i really need is someone who is ultra html proficient who can help me out….till then, thank you!!!!

  4. You’re most welcome. I had to write this to keep others from losing their domains (and minds!). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thank you sooo much! I had a domain that was going to expire on the 30th and I could not figure out how to renew it. I came across your post and it helped me sooo much. Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you Nan, I was looking for the same. I was having a blogger domain which was expired on the dead date due to expiry of the card and I never got it back. Really appreciating job.

  7. You can’t renew and then try it again to renew for another year.. it’s telling me it was already renewed. I contacted enom and they said that we’re only allowed to renew for one year at a time. Any suggestions?

  8. I need to renew my blogger domain on Jan 5th…but I have a world tour planned during that time…can i do it 10 or 15 days before the scheduled date…and will my domain validity be calculated based on the date i have renewed…

    Thanks in advance

  9. @megaposiedon you can renew at any time, it will always base it off of the day that it’s suppose to expire and extend it one year from the date it is scheduled to expire. Safe travels!

  10. @megaposiedon you can renew at any time, it will always base it off of the day that it’s suppose to expire and extend it one year from the date it is scheduled to expire. Safe travels!

  11. Thanks for this,been searching high and low for this solution,very helpful 🙂

  12. My domain is about to expire and when i go to the link as told by you I get the following message,

    Server error

    We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.

  13. It was a very good advise. The link worked at the first time. I got renewal page next and the issued was solved.

  14. I wish I had seen this before! Such a great information. However, my domain already expired because I didn’t do it in time. So when I used this link, it said domain expired and to contact customer support. I posted in the help forum and have not heard anything back. Do you happen to know the steps I need to take if the domain has already expired? Thanks, again!

  15. Hi Nan. I did exactly what you said, but then it shows me this: Domain has already expired, please contact customer support. My domain expired on August 22 and I’ve been looking for many ways to contact them, but so far it’s been a nightmare. ¿What can I do?
    Thanks for your help.

  16. I too had the same thing happen – Domain has expired contact customer support (it hasn’t exp though?) – and where is customer support?

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