Little Extras Make The Difference


Last evening I was reading some of Ed Wallace’s Business Relationships That Last where he spoke of Max the Cab Driver.  Max would pick Ed up in a British taxi in immaculate shape with bottled water and an ear ready to listen to Ed’s life stories.  He would remember the little details such as Ed’s newborn, so he would gently tap on the screen door to not wake the baby.  After Ed’s first ride with Max, he hoped to book him for the next week.  Unfortunately, Max was booked typically booked two to four weeks out.  Max explained that the extra little efforts he made were the same ones that people do for their friends.  This was how he turned “fares into friends.”  What do you do to enhance your personal brand or your company’s offering that is a small extra to make your customers feel as if they are getting a friend’s bonus?  How has it paid off for you?  Share in the comments!

photo by Caro Wallis

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

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