Swinging to the Next Vine


Whether you choose to listen to music, read books and blogs or just hang out with friends, the story remains the same: it’s the journey and the experience that you should enjoy the most.  Interestingly, the older I get, the more I see this and the more I’m also reaching for the next goal.  It’s an interesting split trying to appreciate the day to day as we’re driven by the upcoming accomplishment.  Not surprisingly, though, once we get there, we feel a sense of relief followed, at least by me, with a sense of concern.  I begin to ask “what’s next?”  I’m already looking for the next opportunity to move the ball forward, which can become frustrating, scary and exciting all at the same time.  Unfortunately, at these moments, when I’m trying to figure out which vine I want to swing to next, I end up missing out on the day to day.

So, I turn to you, my friendly reader.  What do you do to ensure that you don’t miss the fun moments along the way when you’re too busy moving to the next adventure to pay attention to the here and now?  Do you have a support system that disconnects you from time to time from your future endeavors to help you celebrate the day?  Do you mentally make the leap?  Share with us in the comments!

Photo: Tarzan by Disney

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

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