Send Ashley & Nan Away to Thailand

@ashleypalmero and I were selected as one of five couples entered for a chance to win a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand via The Ultimate Thailand Explorers contest. You can help! All you need to do is register, login and vote for us. Are you an overachiever? Well, you can vote every 24 hours!

Head over to to get started.
I want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to vote for us. This will be a life changing event for Ashley and I and you’ll have helped make it happen, for that, we are truly grateful.


Ultimate Thailand Explorers

@ashleypalmero and I have recently entered the Ultimate Thailand Explorers contest to win a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand!  While in Thailand, we would be competing against four other couples in other cities vying for the chance to be selected the Ultimate Thailand Explorers and winning *another* trip back to Thailand!  Have a look at our entry and drop us a line in the comments on where you suggest we visit if we win!