Three Action Items Towards Success


This week, I’d like for you to take three steps towards a better company.  These are going to seem small initially, but if you do them every week, your level of clarity in your company will rise and increase your odds of success.

1.  Create a stop doing list. Companies, just like governments, are excellent at creating new laws, new rules and new action items.  On the flip side, they’re terrible at ending old laws and killing rules that are no longer relevant.  You’re likely either doing actions that no longer matter or perpetuating them.  Create a list of things to stop doing, and then stop.  Make it your goal to stop doing two items for every item you put on your to-do list.

2.  Fire everyone mentally. If you were to fire everyone in the company today, who would you rehire with enthusiasm?  Oftentimes you’ll find that the people you wouldn’t rehire with enthusiasm are not the right fit for your team anyway.  Additionally, if you do choose to fire those people, you’ll usually hear this from the people that remain: “What took so long!?”

3.  Review your core values. Your company has core values, right?  Core values exist for the people in your company to make great decisions.  Are you hiring, firing, promoting and demoting based on these values?  Are you and your team living up to these values?  For these business core values, it’s been proven that it doesn’t matter exactly what your values are, just that you have them and everyone lives by them.  Your core values may not translate over to our company and vice versa and that’s okay.

Consistently taking small action steps in life produces huge results over time.  These three action items will play a part in ensuring that you and your team achieve your goals by keeping your focus, maintaining that the right people are involved and verifying that everyone’s actions are aligned with the company’s needs.

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