The First Day

This morning I am flying to Atlanta with some friends from Imagine Fellowship to the Catalyst Conference.  I found out that this morning was different for Ralf and Linda.  They had never flown on a plane before.  I, on the other hand, fly nearly every month.  They both were asking Kevin and I questions, really good ones, too.  “Will my phone work there?”  “Do I have to wear my seat belt the whole time?”  I loved getting to sit with them because of the wonder in their eyes and getting to explain what seemed to me to be common knowledge.  It’s funny how we do that.  We do something enough and believe that everyone knows.  Ralf, for example, works in construction and is a rock star and Linda is a mom, among her other talents.  I don’t know a thing about playing any of those roles and would be scared the first time, too!  i know, though, that if it was my first day to build a house, I could rely on Ralf to guide me.  I can’t imagine how many silly questions I could ask in a day and how patient he would be with me.

Today, it is likely someone’s first day at something.  Remember, it can be a scary event.  Take an extra minute to answer their questions and let them know its okay with an extra level of warmth, it’ll be your first day to do something soon, too.  Why not set the example for others?