The New Sap, The Dead Leaves


Last week, we talked about corporate culture’s existence and it’s potential effects on the people who come into contact with it.  There are certainly issues that each organization faces from this culture and the decisions made along the way.  An old adage says that the new ascending sap crowds off the dead leaves on the tree.  It would be next to impossible to knock all the leaves off with a stick, but the sap can clear them all.

Similarly, you’ll find that with your organization, “dead leaves” have accumulated on the branches.  To properly push the new sap through your organization, you’ll have to make the tough decisions.  For some, this could mean revamping the vision or purpose of the company, adjusting responsibilities of key players, or possibly, sell the mills a la Kimberly-Clark.  What have you done to move the old leaves off the branches?  What is keeping you from doing so?

photo by essjaynz