The Battle Between Laziness & Gratitude


No man is an island…Well, maybe Roy Bragg. Other than Roy, the rest of us depend on others. Sometimes with large needs and sometimes with the trivial.  Wrapped with our needs is busyness.  We have our friends and family with us, the phone ringing, the email inbox filling up and the social network messages piling up.  Amongst all these people vying for your attention there have been those people who have helped you, both near and far.  How do we thank them?  Typically, you’ll see a cheap and embarrassing “ty!” or “thx!”  After my conversation with the caring Liz Strauss a few years back in Vegas, I try to never say “thanks” but use the full “thank you” instead.  It feels more meaningful,  there’s less chance that someone can read it sarcastically online and I don’t lose that much time for including the word “you.”

I’d like to call for the end of these poor abbreviations.  If someone has helped you, wait until you have a moment and truly thank them for what they’ve done.  Try a “Thank you so much for <fill in the blank with specifics>.”  Something to the extent of “Thank you so much for turning your cap backwards and arm wrestling for my honor, you saved our relationship. I really appreciate it.” or “Thank you tremendously for hitting 88 miles per hour and sending me back to good ol’ 1985.  I couldn’t have made it home without you.”  All joking aside, consider your social graces, especially when trying to convey your appreciation with electronic devices.  Let your gratitude shine through in the large and small.
Thank you for the photo hellojenuine