How to Enable Incompatible Firefox Add-Ons

I wanted to know how to enable Firefox add-ons that were disabled when I upgraded my version of Firefox. I used Nightly Tester Tools to do it.


Recently I updated my Firefox to a new version which killed a number of plugins or add-ons that I really enjoy, like Open Download and Print Preview.  I couldn’t find a way to enable them in the Firefox control panel, either.  I stumbled on an add-on for Firefox called Nightly Tester Tools.  Nightly Tester Tools allows you to enable any or all of the Firefox add-ons that were deactivated when I hopped over to the newest and hottest version.  As with any software that overrides the safety mechanism, use it at your own risk.  Symptoms may include freezing, crashes, itching, runny nose, bleeding ulcers, wait…uh, probably just the first two.  So far, I’m using it on my Firefox and haven’t had any issues.  So, if you’re a bit adventurous, give it a whirl.