Want A Better Life? Be Likable


It’s funny how frequently we forget to apply the basics in our lives.  We’re then reminded, smack our foreheads and think “DUH!”  That’s probably why we were fascinated by “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” and why The Golden Rule never goes out of style.  Simple things brought back to our attention create new found fascination.  Well, here’s one for you.  Are you interested in going far in life, getting things that you want more easily than others and having people say “yes” more frequently than they say “no”?  Try this: be likable.  Be likable like a happy dog that greets you with a wagging tale.

Likability can be extremely persuasive when you’re trying to accomplish your goals.  Are there people that can do with out it?  Absolutely! It oftentimes requires greater positional authority, though. So, for example, if you’re trying to convince someone to donate to your cause, hire you for a job, return an item after the warranty period, you need to realize that you’re selling.  Former Publicis CEO, Bob Bloom writes in his upcoming book “We seldom buy from someone we do not like.”  So how well are you doing selling your services, ideas and requests?

There you have it, go be likable.  Are you unsure if you’re doing a good job at being likable?  Smile at people all week, see what kinds of responses you get.  Are you interested in really becoming likable day in and day out?  Go pick up a copy of the classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  Once you get it, keep it forever and read it over and over again throughout the course of your life.  If you’d like it as a PDF so you can print it or read it on your Kindle, you can pick up a copy gratis (PDF Link).

Photo by San Antonio Photography