Your Mind’s Pathway

Did you know that your mind starts out like an untouched field?

As you develop, you end up falling into patterns and your mind ends up carving pathways that you follow. You use the same vendors, call on the same size/type of clients, and hang out with your usual group of people.

As time goes on, you have a choice. Do you continue proceeding down the same path or do you make a change? Making a change takes time, effort, and can be a bit frightening. Since the path hasn’t been carved, it may feel like you have started over.

The benefits of carving a new path can be amazing. You can keep the best parts of your old ways (vendors, clients, friends, processes) while finding a new adventure and opportunities. Are you thinking too small? Spending time with people who are de-motivators? The path splits here. Which way are you going?

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Photo by dan.atx