The Truthiness About Canada


For as long as I can remember,  I’ve had a love and fascination with Canada.  Canadians are some of the most gracious and friendly people I’ve ever met.  In celebration of Canada Day, I present to you the truthiness about Canada.  A number of these were provided by the kind folks on Twitter.  Yes, we’re all aware that Canadians love their hockey, beer, Mounties, Zambonis, igloos, donuts, poutine, Tim Horton’s, beavers and bears.  But there’s so much more to these wonderful people.  So here’s a crash course on Canada and Canadians.

  • Canadians apologize too much.  Did you bump into the Canadian in front of you?  Don’t worry, he’ll say he’s “sow-ry.” – @stephenlynch + @scottvandam
  • Not only do Canadians uses the metric system, they also use metric time.
  • Apparently, whether you’re a doctor, accountant or lawyer, you’re also still a lumberjack. – @hlindskold
  • It’s rumored that Canadians are excellent lovers.  In fact, they have their own Canadian Kama Sutra, published by the Ministry of Community Wellness and Public Service. – @turquoisefish + @phishgirl3
  • Canadians don’t count time in “Mississippi’s” instead they opted for “Mississauga’s.”
  • Canadians are afraid of the dark.
  • No one understands what Canadian holidays are all “aboot.”
  • All French Canadians have a 5 o’clock shadow.  Even the children.
  • Canadians call all snow mobiles “ski doos” regardless of the brand. – @pkcable
  • Canadians are a well dressed bunch, especially in Canadian Tuxedos. – @T2150
  • The 80’s didn’t come to Canada until the 90’s
  • Canadians use extra and unnecessary vowels, that’s why they can’t compete on the US’s Wheel of Fortune, instead they have their own version “Wheel of Fourtune”
  • The Canadian Internet-speak includes OuMG, LOuLCats and they read
  • Every Canadian was born on July 1st (weird, no?), but only @Bettiol’s face graces their flag, Ol’ Syrup (thank you @hamrick)

There you have it.  Everything you ever wanted to know about our friendly neighbors to the North.  I hope you’ve learned something new about our friends and that you’ll add your Canadian insights to the comments, eh.  Happy Canada Day!  Now take off, hoser.