Passion And Action Combine For Excellence

Steven Hope walks the Chisholm Trail bearing a cross.

steven hope small.jpg

On Saturday, my buddy, Choco and I were driving back to San Antonio from an event we put on in Victoria for a client.  As we buzzed along US 87 we spotted a guy walking with a cross.  For the record, I have never stopped for a hitch hiker or a person doing something out of the ordinary on the highway.  Saturday, though, was a different day.  Choco and I looked at one another and decided that we should stop and have a chat with this guy to see why in the world he would choose to do such a thing.  Here’s Steven Hope’s story on why he is carrying a cross.

After watching his video, you could come away with a million thoughts.
“This guy is crazy.”
“I wish I had the faith to do that.”
“Just another radical Christian”
“That’s amazing”

I simply thought “I wish I had as much passion, conviction AND action as Steven.”  Most of us, simply bounce from one day to the next, guided by our social norms, bills, families and the like.  Our lives turn out to be shaped much by the consequences of our circumstances, more than being shaped by a vision of what we want from our lives, our relationships and our careers.

After I turned the camera off, Steven, Choco and I discussed the amazing things that have happened to him along his 60+ city tour and how he was repeatedly delighted.  Choco and I simply listened to the seemingly magical events that affected Steven.  Now, I live an incredible life, surrounded by wonderful people, but I feel that I could easily take a lesson on clarity matched with action from Steven.  Meeting Steven has inspired me to renew my search for even greater  clarity and action.  Steven’s words and actions were tied together. That’s why his message was so impactful.  If nothing else, Steven’s story is a great example of how powerful it is to do what you say you’re going to do.

If you’re already acting on your passion and you know it, can you share your experience?  How did you figure it out?  How did you know that you were on the right track?  What did it take for you to get started?  Was there any confusion if you were on the correct path?