Thirteen Photos from Honduras

In March 2014, @mikesharrow, @salemonz and I traveled to Honduras on a mission trip. We worked with Moises Chino Murillo and his church, IMC to help them develop new leaders in their church. We shared creative communication strategies in presentation, shared with them a framework in growing young leaders and I gave the sermon, in EspaƱol on Sunday. It was an incredible journey of growth for all of us, in a dangerous and wonderful place. Here are thirteen photos from the adventure.

Humuya Inn, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

School Bus at Internacional Mision De Cristo

Santos' Barber Shop in Colonia El Pedregal Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras Long Exposure from Humuya Inn

Tortilla Maker in Colonia El Pedregal Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Mountain Lookout in Parque Naciones Unidas El Picacho

Jesus Christ Statue in Parque Naciones Unidas El Picacho

Mototaxi Valle De Angeles, Honduras

Kids at Orphanage Emmanuel

Mike and Josh on a Swing  at a Pulperia Outside Guiamaca, Honduras

Moises Chino and Family at Humuya Inn

Sunset in Tegucigalpa, Honduras at Cafemania

Nan Reading the Book of Complaints at the Dentist University

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Photos were taken with the Samsung NX300 Smart Camera.

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