You Come Here Often

One of my favorite applications to share with people is Wikitude.  Wikitude is considered an “augmented reality” application.  Basically, with Wikitude, it uses the compass, gps and camera on an Android phone or iPhone to give you details about what you’re looking at and what is surrounding you.  Say you’re looking at the Alamo with Wikitude.  A small bubble pops up telling you that you’re looking at the Alamo and if you click on the bubble, it opens the Wikipedia page for the Alamo.  It’s an extremely fun and handy application, especially when you’re traveling.

The next step is using an augmented reality application tied with facial recognition.  Right now,’s Photo Finder for Facebook is providing astonishingly accurate results.  You can sign up for an invitation (you know you want it) for free.

Soon, the applications, the phones and the mobile speeds will be sufficient for you to be walking through a crowd and be able to identify who a person is via their social networks.  In fact, a company called TAT is working on application called augmented ID.  augmented ID will allow a person to connect their social networks to their ID, then share them depending on the time of day.

What do you think about the convergence of these technologies?  Will it continue pushing the the end of our false sense of privacy?  Will it make meeting people more fun? Weigh in, the comments section await.

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

It's likely we've met: a) on an airplane b) at an event c) in a meeting d) on the internet. If you haven't found what you're looking for here, message me. I like making new friends. You can find me on Google+

3 thoughts on “You Come Here Often”

  1. Privacy is a myth nowadays. More and more LBS applications are coming. Augmented reality applications are picking up steam and Google is successfully taking over the world more and more with every minute. It’ll not stop, yet people will continue to live in a world where the belief is that privacy exists, when clearly it does not.

    Unless of course you live in Canada, no one invades our privacy within our igloos. It’s just when we venture out into the real world does it feel like the Matrix has be revealed 😛

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