peephole photo by Chris Campbell

Living Life Through A Peephole

When you look through your front door peephole you get a pretty wide look as to what is in front of you.  It helps you recognize if there is a friend waiting at your door, someone else with bad intentions or merely a stranger.  It gives you a pretty good look of what to expect.  […]

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Leadership Lesson from Laundry

Late Sunday night Ashley and I returned from our honeymoon and unsurprisingly, there was a significant amount of laundry to be done.  Ashley tends to wash clothes on warm/hot while I wash on cold.  When I threw in my load of laundry, it was set to hot.  I suggested to Ashley that cold would suffice […]

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Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm – Sneek Peak

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing from my friends at Viigo. They have been hard at work getting their Viigo mobile app that does RSS, Weather, Flight Status and and and and… on th BlackBerry Storm. Check out the video here. Look for my piece today talking more about Viigo and how […]

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God Repeats Himself

How can you tell God is talking to you?  Everyone has their own explanation.  Mine is when he repeats himself.  A few weeks ago I went to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, where Craig Groeschel spoke.  One of the struggles he mentioned was empathizing with others, especially during the hard times.  This was a new […]

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Developing and Tapping Your Network

Whether you realize it or not, you have a network.  A network of people that range from acquaintances to extended members of your family that love you.  As Keith Ferrazzi says "Too many people see relationships as pies—where if you take a piece, there won’t be as much left over. Relationships and networks are more […]

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The First Day

This morning I am flying to Atlanta with some friends from Imagine Fellowship to the Catalyst Conference.  I found out that this morning was different for Ralf and Linda.  They had never flown on a plane before.  I, on the other hand, fly nearly every month.  They both were asking Kevin and I questions, really […]

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