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Voting for Dave Peckens is Next to Godliness

If you read nothing else, read this: Vote for Dave Peckens in the CrackBerry Idol contest.  It’s the right thing to do. @davepeckens is a friend of mine.  No, we’ve never met, but that’s merely a technicality.  Dave and I have shared some great conversations about business, religion, being a husband, a dad and so […]

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Wilson Electronics dB Pro Installation

Speed Up Your BlackBerry Messaging

Are you interested in becoming the fastest BlackBerry user this side of the Pecos River?  To do so, you need to keep some keyboard shortcuts in mind.  Let’s jump right in: When you’re composing an email, don’t bother typing the “@” or “.” in an email field, instead, use the spacebar, the BlackBerry already knows […]

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One Way to Know You’re On BIS 2.8

As you may (if you’re a nerd) or may not (not a nerd) have heard, RIM has rolled out BlackBerry Internet Service aka BIS 2.8.  One of the features that has been added to this release is the ability to synchronize Gmail contacts to your device.  Unfortunately, providers oftentimes don’t give you any notice that […]

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Nan Palmero the Power User

Twitter: Connecting with People

Welcome to the first installment of Nan the Power User. You’ll see me pop in from time to time with reviews, tips, tricks and ideas with a business twist. I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer at Salesby5, a marketing and consulting group in San Antonio, TX, where we dramatically increase sales for companies and organizations. Additionally, […]

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