Rerouting Your Life | Interview with Dave Peckens

I’m a lucky guy.  People contact me regularly because they need someone to talk to about changing jobs.  These are people from all walks of life – older, younger, educated and not, those with “dream jobs” and those looking for a better life.  We sit down either face-to-face, via phone or Skype and talk about their dreams and how they can take another step in achieving them.  Dave Peckens and I have never met in person, but we’ve been in close contact for about a year or so where we share life.  Dave’s outside of Detroit and remains a big dreamer – I see him as a super dad, a person that cares about the rebirth of Detroit and a passionate guy about his career.  I asked Dave to share his progress with me and how he’s moved the needle.

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What do you do to pay the bills?

I have been doing some form of technology support for over 15 years. Although this is not what I went to college for, it has always paid the bills nicely. In the past I’ve done everything from professional acting to pizza maker.
What happened a year ago to change your mind about who you wanted to be when you grew up?
When I grow up? I doubt that will ever happen, but since you’ve asked …
I’ve always been chasing the “what I want to be when I grow up” idea. As a child I never had any “active” support from my family, so I never pushed ambitions very far. Taking my years of tech support knowledge and flipping that into a freelance business was a natural progression. Plus it helps me spend more time doing what I love… being with my wife and children. And I still plan to open a pizzeria/bar restaurant some day.
What steps did you take to change your life?
I simply reached out to my network and asked “What do you see the Dave Peckens brand as”? And for years I’ve had multiple side projects in the wings waiting for some spotlight. The majority of the feedback received pointed to the BlackBerry and my flair for sharing mobile technology tips and tricks with people. So I took the corporate class I had been leading called the “BlackBerry Users Group” and took it public. The response has certainly kept me and my BlackBerryology business hopping.
What were some of the struggles that you faced in making this change?
When I started booking more consulting work it not only interfered with family time, but also my day job. What I have learned from this is how to best manage my time, to clearly understand the client’s needs, and to over-deliver on what is expected. Getting the word out and actually keeping freelance work consistent was also a challenge, but over time the positive testimonials and referrals have helped push this project forward.
What are some successes you’ve encountered?
I’m presently in the final round of the CrackBerry Idol competition on, an American Idol-type of contest where the contestants are voted on by the public, but here, instead of singing, we are writing BlackBerry review blog posts.  Also, in terms of direct mobile technology consultation, I have repeatedly booked the same clients and that list continues to grow. It seems there is a thirst for this type of knowledge and delivery. (Dave won CrackBerry Idol)
How are things progressing?

I expect to have a new website launching soon. It will be more directly focused on marketing the services I offer.

What’s next for you?
Bottom line is to continue helping clients when and where I can, all while supporting my family both financially and emotionally. It’s a continual balancing act.
How can people support your continued path to success?
Winning that contest would be killer! (a good thing). Also, as I enjoy sharing knowledge and solving tough mobile tech issues, feel free to contact me ( with your troublesome experiences. And when I finally open the doors to “Dave’s Pizza Emporium” come on down to enjoy a slice and beer!
A big thank you to Dave!
You may think you’re too far into your career, too far in debt or just too far gone to work towards what you want.  I hope sharing Dave’s story will help you reconsider this position.  If you take small steps daily, you can see exciting new things in your life, too.  The first thing you need to do is decide that it is true.

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@davepeckens is a friend of mine.  No, we’ve never met, but that’s merely a technicality.  Dave and I have shared some great conversations about business, religion, being a husband, a dad and so much more over the time I’ve known him.  His passion for BlackBerry devices and all things RIM is impressive to me.  He learns daily, he shares his knowledge every minute he can. He does it with heart and charisma.

Surely the other competitors in the contest are at least passable humans, I think, but Dave stands out.  He will out-work, out-wit, and outnumber (can he do that? Oh YES HE CAN!) all of the other contestants.  Voting for Dave is like voting for America.  It’s like voting for kittens & puppy dogs and for you oddly teen-crazed females, it’s like voting for Bieber.  So I beseech you (yeah, look that up, it means I *really* mean it), vote for Dave.  Need a few more reasons?  Here’s what a vote for Dave means to you:

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