Voting for Dave Peckens is Next to Godliness

If you read nothing else, read this: Vote for Dave Peckens in the CrackBerry Idol contest.  It’s the right thing to do.

@davepeckens is a friend of mine.  No, we’ve never met, but that’s merely a technicality.  Dave and I have shared some great conversations about business, religion, being a husband, a dad and so much more over the time I’ve known him.  His passion for BlackBerry devices and all things RIM is impressive to me.  He learns daily, he shares his knowledge every minute he can. He does it with heart and charisma.

Surely the other competitors in the contest are at least passable humans, I think, but Dave stands out.  He will out-work, out-wit, and outnumber (can he do that? Oh YES HE CAN!) all of the other contestants.  Voting for Dave is like voting for America.  It’s like voting for kittens & puppy dogs and for you oddly teen-crazed females, it’s like voting for Bieber.  So I beseech you (yeah, look that up, it means I *really* mean it), vote for Dave.  Need a few more reasons?  Here’s what a vote for Dave means to you:

  • Great reviews on CrackBerry
  • Amazing how-to tips
  • Increased marital intimacy
  • Hair regrowth & only in the right places
  • A fresh perspective on the BlackBerry platform
  • Increased muscle mass

So go right now, go vote for Dave Peckens.

Author: Nan Palmero, MBA

It's likely we've met: a) on an airplane b) at an event c) in a meeting d) on the internet. If you haven't found what you're looking for here, message me. I like making new friends. You can find me on Google+

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  1. Um, yeah, wow. If I ever need to promote my entry into the Crackberry Idol contest I’m going to use this post! Thanks Nan!

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