WES2009: All They Can Say is No! – The Story of Nan

Written by my friend Drip at Themes4bb.com

I am here to tell you that RIM did a bang up job on the BlackBerry WES party. With the drinks flying and the music of Will.I.am blaring, you can imagine the stories would be flying. Yeah, I’ll say. But I am not here to talk about this girl dancing. (See pic above) I am here to talk about a man and a video. Nan Palmero is one of the best guys you will meet. We share alot of the same business philosophies and zeal for life.. Now with all that being said, why is he meriting his own post? Him and I were chatting and raving about the good energy that was in the room tonight. Here is how I remember the conversation.

Nan ” Will I am is putting on quite the show”

Me: “Yeah man. Although I do miss Fergie.”

Nan:” You know, I got this press pass and I wanna see how far this will get me. I am gonna try and get on stage.””

Me: “Never gonna happen. (Although in my mind I’m thinking – this dude has balls the size of church bells)

Nan: “Why not? I’m going up. I will probably get shut down but why not!”

Me: (thinking to myself. Dude you’re done. I got $20 on the big Jesse “the Body” Ventura grabbing him by his throat.) Alright go!

Next thing I know, he is walking toward the stage. I grab our trusty camera and I see him talking to the stage bouncer (FAIL) The bouncer looks at him and says “go ahead.” And he did and he never looked back. (Smart move) Now, I am mentally navigating him on where he should go. He is first stopping at the drummer. He is taking pure video and good quality. Ok, it’s been fun right? Shows over. I mean he can’t be actually thinking about going to film Will.i.am right? Oh snap! He walks over to Will and starts filming him. Will looks at him and gets back to business on the turntables. Nan tells him to keep working. At this point, I see the po-po waiting for Nan to come off the stage because they got a special prize for him. They stop him and completely are ready to yank him and his video but somehow he wiggles his way out of their midst. He looks at me and I am rooting for him like he is a special olympic hurdler winning his first goal. He is noyt interested in my salutations. He is beelined for the door. All he says is, Chad I gotta go. Follow me to the door. Now, I realize what is going on. He can’t stop or they may strip him for his film. I am happy to say he is a free man and I have the video of his stage presence with Will i am.