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Technology for North Chamber Leadership Lab

Thank you for allowing me to present to such a wonderful audience. Below, you’ll find the apps we discussed during the presentation. Feel free to reach out with any questions. If you liked the Google Glass song in the video, you can listen here: Tripit (Free | $49/year) – Send Tripit your confirmation emails for […]

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Cases - Front

Underwater iPhone 5 Case Photo Comparison – Seidio, LifeProof, OtterBox

As more manufacturers crank out durable cases, the designs become confusing to differentiate. Here’s a side-by-side size comparison between the three. I don’t have any user experience regarding audio quality nor durability. These photos are strictly to show off the rugged good looks of the Seidio OBEX, LifeProof fre and OtterBox Armor Series and help […]

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What’s In Your Bag 2012 – World Edition

One against seven is never a fair fight. The body blows from seven time zones are iced when I tote my Passport. I darken tight doorways with a purposefully packed backpack and carryon. My MacBook Air is ready to glamorize photos of abbeys. The microfiber cloth makes the glass sparkle. Splenda gives the perfect sweetness […]

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Wilson Electronics dB Pro Installation

Wilson Electronics Directional Antenna Installation & Sleek

If you caught the previous post about the Wilson Electronics dB Pro installation, you know that we were able to get service in a place with no prior service. It was a huge benefit for our family. To ratchet the signal up more, we opted to switch the antenna out from an omnidirectional antenna to […]

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