Underwater iPhone 5 Case Photo Comparison – Seidio, LifeProof, OtterBox

As more manufacturers crank out durable cases, the designs become confusing to differentiate. Here’s a side-by-side size comparison between the three. I don’t have any user experience regarding audio quality nor durability. These photos are strictly to show off the rugged good looks of the Seidio OBEX, LifeProof fre and OtterBox Armor Series and help you see the size differences. All the photos are clickable for super-sized fun.

Cases - Front

Cases - Back

Cases - Top (stack)

Cases - Bottom

Cases - Right

Cases - Left

Cases - Top (separate)

Cases - Bottom (separate)

The links above are my Amazon affiliate links. OtterBox provided the case, while the Seidio and LifeProof were prizes from CES.