Who is Boy Genius? UNMASKED Here!

Want to know Boy Genius’s true identity? You can find out here.


If you keep up with mobile technology in the slightest, you no doubt have heard of Boy Genius.  He has an army of “ninjas” that uncover new phones, sometimes years before they are released.  It really is an amazing feat.  As open as Boy Genius is with his information on new handsets, product releases and software updates, he’s equally as secretive about his identity.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve unmasked Boy Genius.  Let’s run through the hints that he’s provided to lead to his unmasking.

Attitude:  If you follow Boy Genius on Twitter, you’ll know he talks trash.  It even says so in his bio:  “I talk a lot of smack.”

Food and Drink:  Boy Genius is quite the cook.  In fact, he makes risotto, bolognese sauce and wine reductions. He’s even been known to sneak a lemon ‘tini here and there.

Respect:  Boy Genius is held at an amazing level.  He’s shaped products, launches and their downfalls.  Insane levels of power rest on his shoulders.  At Boy Genius’s one year anniversary, celebrities like Michael Strahan, Diddy and DJ Clue showed up.  BG is clearly no chump.

References:  The final giveaway was where you can find Boy Genius and the BoyGeniusReport.com mentioned – CNBC, BrandWeek, ABC Radio and The Wall Street Journal.

If you put the street cred together with choices in food and beverage, company kept and attitude found on Twitter, you come back with only one person.  A man that has been in the industry longer than most and has been hardened to the embargo, the PR flack and the grief of corporate.  A man that loves both Apple and RIM. Who is this uber-connected, feared and loved technology soothsayer?  A man you’ve known all along by another name and who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a meal?

I want to know who Boy Genius is right now!