Follow Friday on Twitter

Follow Friday on Twitter is where Twitter users recommend people other Twitter users should follow.


Follow Friday is a recent phenomenon on Twitter where users recommend other users that should be followed.  Micah Baldwin of Lijit started Follow Friday and you can read about it on Mashable.  I’ve created this post to share some of my favorite recommendations with a small explanation.  This certainly isn’t final and will be edited in the future. If you were left off, it was likely a mistake and I apologize.   Be sure to add yourself and your suggestions in the comments section as I’ll be tweeting this list out in the future.

@ashleypalmero –  my beautiful wife and an amazing photographer
@laurapalmero – my sister and humanitarian

@SalesBy5 Team

@erikdarm – Chief Energy Officer of @salesby5 and marketing expert
@heidigerhardt – Project Manager and marathon runner
@kya10 – Brand Evangelist
@bobbyfreeman – Outdoorsman
@sarahq27 – rockstar editor of my blog posts

BlackBerry and Technology Experts
@ahmadnassri – Director, Web Services at @Viigo
@asacco –
@azeis –
@bbgeekchic – BlackBerry expert
@bbunderground –
@bettiol –
@blackberryrocks –
@boygenius –
@cbgarz –
@crackberrykevin –
@davepeckens – BlackBerry enthusiast and showman
@daytripper67 – BlackBerry expert and amazing RT’er
@donluig – writer
@fabianmh – BlackBerry Developer
@gizmoalex – funny guy and rep for @thephonestore
@jesssquire – my brother from another mother and Product Manager at @viigo
@jsanders10 –
@kasperapd –
@kylemcinnes –
@loutreize –
@mas90guru –
@mdflores –
@mjbogart – @Viigo Marketing Consultant
@phonescooper –
@probigeorge11 – and helpful guy
@ruddockmh – @Viigo CEO
@sean_armstrong – BlackBerry Guru and parachute cord artist
@simonsage –
@shaunpcollins –
@slackerradio – great BlackBerry app
@thekruser – Marine/BlackBerry Addict
@themes4bb –
@tferthomas – BlackBerry enthusiast
@toddboy71 –
@tron – formerly of, now works for The Man aka RIM
@troybrownbbnews –
@videos4bb –
@viigo – one of my favorite BlackBerry Apps

Non-BlackBerry Folks Covered in Awesome Sauce

@1337wine – local wine guy
@alanweinkrantz – PR ninja and great guy
@addieking – New Orleans’s best unofficial tour guide
@andinarvaez – community leader
@andreaduke15 – sports nut
@arnehulstein – Chairman of Young Life, Europe, likes big trucks and technology
@bemadthen – San Antonio famous runner
@benridler – smarty
@bkearney – my favorite twitter executive producer of @ksatnews
@brainbrew – of @eurekaranch and @planeteureka where they created the Swiffer
@brandstack – get your logos and brands here
@chocov – we’ve been friends for so long, we have buddy bands
@chrstphrbrwn – nice guy, physics and computer guy
@derrich – banker by day, wiseguy by night
@epodcaster – community leader
@eurekaranch – where the Swiffer, Xterra and American Express Black Card were concepted
@evaruth – cool gal reporting the gritty side on the Express News
@exjetsguy – Express News dude and hangs with @roybragg, so instant winner
@flicksandfood – movie and food review
@geekettebits – fun, wisecracking chick geek
@imaginechurch – my Twitter church in San Antonio that rocks, one tweet verse per day
@jgoldsborough – my buddy at Sprint
@joeruiz – KSAT web ninja
@jujube5160 – bought her way in 🙂
@juliagoolia – absolute genius humor
@kevj – Pastor of @imaginechurch, great friend
@kr8tr – Racker and includer, brilliant human
@lalorek – Express News reporter, delightful person
@lettergirl – snark, humor and goodness found here
@lram2 – coolest sportscaster. ever. Here’s why.
@mark_hayward – Train for Humanity
@moconnorsa – recruiter for Tesoro, does an amazing Anthony Sullivan
@momonmars – super mom in San Antonio
@mitsuyamazaki – Economic Development Expert and Master Connector
@natalietejeda – PR ninja and Zumba lover
@pearanalytics – brilliant SEO and business analytics mind
@planeteureka – helps inventors get found
@rachelpolish – PR rockstar
@rackerhacker – funny and Racker (yes, Rackspace)
@rackspace – fanatical support nuts
@ralphp – great leader’s pastor and attorney
@rjamestaylor – Racker and a clown
@roybragg – one of the funniest guys on twitter
@ryankohnen – published author and retired drug dealer
@sa_sports – helping San Antonio through sports
@samlerma – rockin’ local video dude
@sbradley3 – if I were still in school, I’d want him as my professor
@scotmckay – dating coach rockstar
@seanasullivan – Fortythree PR star
@sloane – Kiva person and Causemopolitan
@stephenlynch – smarty
@vidluther – one of the smartest dude’s I know, amazing guy
@voxaeterno – Apple ninja, good buddy
@writeontime – San Antonio Biz Journal star and wonderful human

Thanks for checking the list and again, add yourself to the comments!