Super Glue Your Ideas

krazy glue.gif
Every day, we are bombarded with over 3,000 messages in our brain including “I have to go to the bathroom,” “my wife is mad at me,” “buy x-brand water.” What are we supposed to do to compete with these messages? How do we really super glue our ideas to people’s minds?

If you think back to when you were a kid, the messages that stuck with you like “don’t play with fire,” “be nice to others,” and “crime doesn’t pay” were all illustrated with stories to which you could relate. At the end of GI Joe, you’d have the GI Joe PSA’s, Krazy Glue with the man dangling from his hat, or you would have McGruff the Crime Dog walking you through a story on how someone committed a crime, how it affected others and how it was resolved at the end. These stories stuck because the storytellers kept the message simple, focused and made the message tangible in seconds.

When you’re sharing your message, whether it’s why you should be hired for a job, why someone should purchase your product or why a person should contribute money to your cause, try this:

  • Use short and simple words
  • Tell a story with your message
  • Make your offer compelling
  • Ask for what you want

To find out how effective you are, test your message on a 5th grader. If a 5th grader is picking up what you’re putting down, that busy CEO will as well.

Remember, it’s not that people aren’t smart enough to understand what you’re offering; it’s all about telling simple stories where people can relate and will want to get on board when you pitch your offer. Let people say no to you because what you’ve offered doesn’t apply to them, not because they don’t understand what you’re selling.

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