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Jesus and the iPad

The past few weekends have been brilliant in proving that audiences vary all over the world.  Two different events with which I had a personal experience painted a vivid picture.  First, the iPad launch.  I’ve read a number of tweets, blogs and even a clip on Modern Family asking why someone needs an iPad.  It’s […]

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Does Best Buy’s Twelpforce Help or Hurt?

This morning I watched the new Best Buy Twelpforce commercial (@twelpforce) where a gentleman stands up in the middle of a football field and proclaims his need for a new tv. Best Buy’s team of people, known on Twitter as the Twelpforce respond to him from the bleachers suggesting an LED tv. He responds back […]

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If I Can’t Read It, I Can’t Buy It

Vision at 55, just like driving the speed limit, sucks.  Unfortunately, what you’ll find  is designers love putting together beautiful marketing materials that only a fourth grader can read due to the 8-point font.  Have a good look at all your marketing materials, business cards and websites to make sure you use a legible font […]

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Innovate or Die – Part 1

Recently, Erik and I traveled to the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.  You may have never heard of Eureka! but you’ve likely been affected by their innovations; most Americans have interacted with about 18 products or services that were conceived or developed at the Eureka! Ranch, including the Swiffer Sweeper, Nissan Xterra and American Express […]

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Do Something Worth Talking About, Go Viral

A word that people can’t stop saying is “viral.”  Everyone wants their ideas, videos, books, products and services to all go viral.  On the other hand, we’re stuck making the same old boring thing, slightly repackaged in hopes that people will notice.  What you really need is a dramatic difference.  Notice that it’s not a […]

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Pixar vs. GM – FIGHT!

This weekend, Pixar took top honors at the box office with Up, smacking about $70 million dollars out of our pockets and tickling the cranky critics.  At the same time, GM is approaching bankruptcy and, if it clears, will be the third largest in the history of this country. Why bother mentioning both of these […]

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Why Is The Internet & Technology So Hard?

Have you noticed that there are pieces of technology that should be wildly popular, but they become overly complex so the soccer moms never seem to quite transition over to them? Interestingly, this is not a new concept. Aesop did this centuries ago with his simple fables. Simplicity is able to transcend languages, cultures and […]

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