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Filtering Feedbacks and Attacks

Reading through Dr. Mark Goulston’s blog posts, I noticed a piece about independence.  He explains that the successful people he coaches have the follow three attributes in common: self-reliance, resourcefulness and coachability. Many of us will take on additional responsibility and we’ll look for ways to leverage resources but we miss out on these high […]

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The Center of Attention

You see people connected with others and wonder how they did that.  They don’t seem as if they would be travelling in the same circles or sharing any common interests.  How did they get there? According to University of Minnesota psychologist Mark Snyder, these people are considered “high self-monitoring.”  These people are quick to pick […]

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‘Best Seller’ Marketing Team Winick & Whitlock To Help Authors Build a Platform

Peter Winick is a friend of mine. I met him a few years back in Vegas when he was working with Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back (amazon affiliate links). Thankfully, he and I have been able to keep in contact. He’s worked with other incredible authors and speakers […]

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Crowdsourced Questions for Mark Goulston, M.D.

Mark Goulston, M.D. is a psychiatrist, business consultant, and FBI hostage-negotiation trainer. He His expertise has been tapped for in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, Los Angeles Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, BBC News, Oprah, and The Today Show. He recently wrote Just Listen, Discover the Secret to Getting […]

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