Do Something Worth Talking About, Go Viral

A word that people can’t stop saying is “viral.”  Everyone wants their ideas, videos, books, products and services to all go viral.  On the other hand, we’re stuck making the same old boring thing, slightly repackaged in hopes that people will notice.  What you really need is a dramatic difference.  Notice that it’s not a minor difference, it’s not a slight difference, it’s a DRAMATIC difference.  Eureka! Ranch, where the Swiffer Sweeper and the American Express Centurion Card aka the “Black Card” were developed, say that a dramatic difference causes organizational chaos and provides a 370% better chance of success and profitability.  That means, you have to change systems, move people, add new support or whatever else is required to cause a massive shift.  So, if you want your (fill in the blank) to go viral, be remarkable and do something dramatically different.

The video above caused my wife to repeatedly say “I wish we could go back and do this” is a perfect example of doing something dramatically different.  After one week and at the time of this writing, this video had over 7 million views.

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