Buy a Birthday BMW M5 for @nanpalmero #BMWFund

bmw tweetIt all started this morning with a fun tweet by @alanweinkrantz who decided to raise funds to buy me a BMW M5 for my birthday.  Since Alan is my friend and I want to honor his request and those that have been tweeting about it since, I’ve set up a Paypal button here to make contributions.  So go crazy, donate a nickel and get one other person to do it and have them do the same.  Let’s see how far we can take this.  Maybe my 30th birthday will be the one where Twitter bought me a new car…or not.  But nonetheless, it’ll be fun to see how far it goes.  Let’s swing for the fences and see what’s possible.

UPDATE: The official BMW blogger, Thomas Gigold aka @gigold for the 2009 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show (@iaablog) has written about this fund raiser in German and English.

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