Thirteen Photos from Washington DC

Photos from Washington DC captured with the Samsung NX500 and the 16-50mm S Lens by Nan Palmero

Washington DC renewed my sense of pride in our country. Although I spent most of my time inside a conference room during this trip, we had some time to explore in the evening. Here are thirteen photos from Washington DC captured with the Samsung NX500.

Deya at the National Gallery of Art

Monk at the National Gallery of Art

Robert Indiana Amor Sculpture at the National Gallery of Art

World War II Memorial

Deya on the Stairs at the National Gallery of Art

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Dwight Eisenhower Building

Red Tulips

Cherry Blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial

The Gibson Speakeasy

World War II Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial

The Humanity of the Vietnam Memorial

Enjoy the entire set:

Washington DC | March 2016

On Insecurity

Social Media Pillows

“So someone got into my checking and savings account today and wiped me out. They left $300. I’m glad it isn’t the first of the month with rent and other bills due. They did this from the UK with a few phone calls. They drafted thousands of dollars out, changed the password to my account and all.” This was the call I got from a close friend. Thankfully his bank is making him whole again. It scared the hell out of me.

As financial institutions look for ways to make our money, which we entrust, safer, gaping holes remain. Think about the security questions you’re asked to set up.

– “What is your mother’s maiden name?”
– “What city were you born in?”
– “What was the name of your high school mascot?”

Are these questions as secure and as secretive as you once believed? What if your mother has passed away and there’s an obituary? Didn’t you join your high school’s facebook fan page based off the millionth request you got from friends you don’t really like to join the reunion you don’t want to attend?

I brought these issues up to @AmericanExpress today and they told me that they have extra questions if you don’t call from a phone number they recognize. What if the bad guys use one of the free apps or websites that can spoof the Caller ID?

If it’s digital, sooner or later it can get hacked. The good news is that you can do things to make your account more of a pain for thieves, in hopes that they’ll go find an easier target. Here are some ideas:

Instead of using one of the default security questions, ask your bank and credit card company if you can use either a password, instead of a simple security question or a PIN. Speaking of a PIN, don’t use the same one you always use. Try a random number generator to have it pick a number that’s typically not associated with you. While you’re at it, ask them for a new debit and credit card with a smart chip. They’re much more difficult to steal and you’re going to get one anyway between now and 2016, guaranteed.

For your logins, use multi-factor authentication when available. Some instances require you to enter your user name and password into the site you’re trying to log into, then the additional step happens when the site sends you a short code via text to enter as well. This additional step takes a few moments, is not a perfect fix, but makes it much more difficult for someone to compromise your account. Don’t just do this for your financial parts of your life, do it for everything that will allow. Especially your email and social media. If someone else attempts to gain access to your account and wants to send a password reset, it’s going to your email. Wouldn’t you like a jump on that with a quick text making sure it’s you? @Lifehacker has a nice list of places to enable multi-factor/two-factor authentication.

Make some changes to the way you secure your online data, it’s a small pain that will save you the nightmare of having to cancel everything and start over if your accounts get deeply compromised. Sadly, it can happen to any one of us.

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

The new @UltimateEars 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones come beautifully packaged, it’s Apple-esque. The 900s come with a quad armature (four speakers per ear) that have been tuned to have more bass than their predecessors, the UE900. It would be unfair to consider these bass heavy at all, the sound gets rounded out beautifully. Further, the highs will make your ears bleed if you turn up the jams too loud. Ultimate Ears includes a huge assortment of ear gels and @ComplyFoam tips to ensure these fit your ears. Not only are they included, but check out the photo below, they are sized! Ultimate Ears also includes extras in case one of your ears has a larger opening than the other. You can also choose one of two different cables. The blue cable includes remote controls to allow you to turn the volume up and down, play/pause your music and a microphone is included on the back to catch a quick call between tracks. The black cable is a standard cable without remote feature or a mic, in case you’re a purist in listening to music. Drop me a line in the comments if you have questions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your headphones from your bundled Apple EarPods, check out Ultimate Ears line. Already have the perfect earphones? Grab a pack of Comply Foam Tips to maximize the noise isolation.

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones Unboxing

Photos captured with the @SamsungCameraUS NX30 and the delicious 85mm lens.

Thirteen Photos from H&M San Antonio Launch

H&M is a Swedish, hip multinational company that makes really cool clothes at affordable prices. Last night, a ton of people camped out on hard concrete to have their first look at the new store at The Shops at La Cantera. Die hard fans for sure. Thanks to @torijohson, I was able to get a sneak peek into the excitement. Here are thirteen photos from the grand opening day of @HMUSA’s San Antonio store. If you’re interested in more fashionable goodies, be sure to check out Tori’s blog, The sTORIbook!

H&M La Cantera San Antonio Entrance

Dressing Room

Pink Sunglasses

Hands Up

Blue and Green Shirts

Hanging Shirts

Awesome Abe

DJ Jazzy Fashion

Hair Piece

Glasses on a Mannequin

H&M Selfies

H&M Shirt

Secrets, Important, Bits & Pieces

Get Time Warner Cable Wifi Free for Your Customers

Ampersand Made of Metal

Sharing. It’s the worst. Especially when it comes to internet speeds and having to do so with strangers. I guess it’s a little bit better when those strangers are people who pay you money. I think those are called customers. Nonetheless, slow internet speeds are grounds for breakups and civil wars. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore.

Time Warner Cable has done something friendly. I know, many of you are shocked, but it’s true! If you’re a Time Warner Cable Business Class subscriber, you can get another hotspot, for free, that gives your customers a separate bunch of bandwidth to suck down while you and your team members cruise along unencumbered by that one clown that has to get on his VPN with his RSA pocket calculator thing.

Time Warner will provide the hardware and service for free. They will also give you marketing materials and provide free support for the device and service. You can even customize the sign on page with your company logo, messaging and a website landing page. You also get free access at over 250,000 hotspots nationwide and a free business listing on TWC WiFi and partner WiFi coverage maps and apps. The device also lets you set how long a person can stay connected to your network, just in case you find you have a few customers wearing out their welcome.

If you’re interested in doing this for your business, then hit the link and get in touch with your internet overlord and ask for more internet porridge. You’ll submit a form to have a representative get in touch with you to get started. If you know your rep, feel free to give them a ring. This offer is new, so they might not yet be familiar. One thing is for sure, your customers will thank you. Your employees probably will as well…as long as you’re not a jerk about this whole thing.

Give me free customer internet with TWC Wifi! (the link is hit or miss in Chrome, you might try a different browser)

Thirteen Photos from San Francisco – Engagement Edition

I’ve found one of the great ways to love @HolaDeya is to make a list. I ask her about adventures she wants to have in her life, specific ones and I make a list. My memory is bad, but @evernote does an awesome job at it. With the help of Deya’s sister, Viole, and my @SamsungCameraUS photographer friends @mrcippy, @themrscippy, @techdadreview & @mdflores (in spirit), we gave Deya a memorable marriage proposal. Below are thirteen photos from our adventure together leading up to the proposal at Battery Spencer.

The @MysticHotelSF Fire Escape Fun

Deya at Mystic Hotel on the Fire Escape

“I’d like to ride a cable car.” – DONE!

Fisheye from the Front of the Cable Car

“I’d like to go to the top of Lombard Street.” – DONE!

Deya and Nan at Lombard Street

A ride on the cable car, then we’re in Chinatown!

Deya with a Watermelon in Chinatown

Lychee Cotton Candy at The Slanted Door After Lunch

Deya and Nan with cotton candy at The Slanted Door

Coffee at @BlueBottleRoast Coffee in the Ferry Building

Deya and Nan at Blue Bottle Coffee Ferry Building

Cupid’s Span Troublemaking

Deya at Cupid's Span

Painted Ladies Made Famous by Full House

Deya and Nan at Painted Ladies

“Ride Across Golden Gate on Bikes” – Done!


Proposal Complete!

Deya and Her Ring at Battery Spencer

Dinner at @ChefChiarello’s Coqueta with a Surprise Bottle of Cava from My Sister and Jesus

Deya at Coqueta

A Fun Ride to the Airport Thanks to @Scout!

Deya in a Limo

Deya Gets a Surprise From @VirginAmerica!

Deya's Surprise from Virgin America

Do you want to see the actual proposal shot by @mrcippy, @mrscippy & @techdadreview? Head over to Facebook! You can read the story about Deya and me on the Samsung Camera blog.

Look below for the rest of the photos from the proposal weekend!

How To Get Free Boingo Wireless Internet Access

How to connect to a Boingo Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot for free without paying.

Sutro Tower Sitting in an airport, wishing you had a faster connection to the internet via that Boingo hotspot that’s promising you sweet sweet network goodness? Maybe you’re about to go underground in the New York City subway system and you know that your cell phone signal is about to be slapped down by those feet of concrete. Never fear! Many companies have set up roaming agreements with Boingo Wifi to help you continue your Spotify streaming in those pesky dead zones, you just need to know how to get them set up and how to find them.

If you have Time Warner Cable, connect to any of these networks: Boingo or TWCWifi or TWCWiFi-Passpoint (provides WPA2 secure connection) and use your account username and password to gain access to the networks. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

For Boingo:
Look for the Boingo Hotspot network name on your device, or check which network names (SSIDs) are available on our partner hotspots in our TWC WiFi® Coverage Map or WiFi Finder app.

To sign in to Boingo Hotspots:
1. Select the Boingo Hotspot network name on your device.
2. Open your browser.
3. On the Boingo WiFi sign in page, select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of Internet service providers.
4. Click Log In.
5. Enter your TWC ID and password and log in.

For TWC WiFi® Hotspots:

1. Be sure WiFi is enabled on your device.
2. Select the “TWCWiFi” network name from the list of your device’s available wireless networks.
3. Open you browser and navigate to a webpage.
4. The TWC sign in portal will appear.
5. Enter your TWC ID and password.
6. Accept the Terms of Service.
7. Click Sign in to finalize the connection.

If you have a different cable carrier as your home internet provider, you can check CableWifi‘s website to find what roaming hotspots are available in your neck of the woods while you travel. Happy connecting to all the things!

Thirteen Photos from Cabo – Wedding Edition

Wedding photos from Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos, Mexico photographed by Nan Palmero with the Samsung NX30 Smart Camera.

My sister married Jesus, an awesome man, an IronMan, in Cabo. We had the pleasure and fortune of going to celebrate their love for one another in a beautiful place. Here are thirteen photos from Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area in Mexico.

Boat Silhoutte at Dawn

The rest of the story…

Thirteen Photos from Concerts – Part 2

Concert photos by Nan Palmero featuring MS MR, Young the Giant, Cayucas, The Features, Haim, The Naked and Famous, Hands, Silversun Pickups, Wild Cub, Quiet Company, and Chromeo.

So many concerts and so little time. Thanks to prodding by @scottriggs and @jsasse via @slackerradio, I discovered some great bands and here are some of my favorite photos from the last year.

All Alone with Thousands of People

The Naked and Famous


Silversun Pickups


Wild Cub

Cayucas at Red7

The Features

Young the Giant at Austin Music Hall


Quiet Company

Young the Giant at Lambert’s


Local Natives

Thirteen Photos from Marfa, TX

Nan Palmero shares thirteen photos from Marfa, Texas. These pictures are photographed with the Samsung NX30 Smart Camera.

Marfa – such a peculiar place. A dusty little Texas town, backdrop for great movies including “There Will Be Blood,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “Giant.” Deya and I took a weekend trip out there to try some delicious food, experience quirky art and spot oddly dress people that I SWORE were members of Arcade Fire. Here are thirteen photos from Marfa, where everything is art – even a dog walking around in a bar…maybe.

Deya Petting a Horse

Prada Marfa

Donald Judd Concrete Art Chinati Foundation

Nan and Deya Double Exposure

Blue Dodge Truck in Marfa


Thunderbird Hotel Sign

Nan at Chinati

Donald Judd Concrete Art

Topo Chico and Lemon

Gas Cap Reflection with Deya and Nan


Bike Art

The rest of the story…

Photos taken with the Samsung NX30 Smart Camera.