Thirteen Photos from South Congress Austin

Photography of South Congress in Austin, Texas photographed by Nan Palmero using a Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera.

One of the exciting parts of having a girlfriend who loves to shoot photos is the frequent “yes” to the invitation to go on a photowalk. Of course, a tasty drink and a bite at a fun restaurant is in order as well. Here are thirteen photos of quirky South Congress in Austin, Texas.

Deya Drinking a Mizzen Mast at Perla's

Leather Chair with Red Legs at Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose

Table and Chairs at Hotel San Jose

Vintage Bicycles at Hotel San Jose

Blackmail on South Congress Austin

Misheard Song Lyrics Coasters

Deya in a Hammock at Hotel Saint Cecilia

Bar at Hotel Saint Cecilia

Soul Neon Sign at Hotel Saint Cecilia

Skeleton with an Umbrella Street Art on South Congress Austin

Give Sign on TOMS South Congress Austin

Smile! Even If You Don't Want To

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All photos shot on the Samsung Galaxy NX, the first camera to have Android and interchangeable lenses (referral link).

Thirteen Photos from Corpus Christi

Nan Making a Wood Fire in a Brick Oven

A brick oven is a magical device where no matter what you cook in it, your food tastes 10,258,647x more delicious than any other heating element can provide. Once our bellies were full of delicious pizzas, we strolled around downtown Corpus Christi in nooks and crannies to find parts we hadn’t ever seen.

Wood Fire in a Brick Oven

Bee on an Orange Blossom

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Doors

The Kinney

The Kinney

Deya Jumping

Aloe Vera


Deya at Mariposa Park

Sky on Shoreline in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi Water Gardens

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Thirteen Photos from Malaga & Marbella Spain

Nan Palmero | Samsung Camera USA Imagelogger of the Year 2013

January was an interesting month of travel. I was honored and amazed to be chosen by Samsung and Getty Images as the National Imagelogger of the Year 2013 for the United States. The Samsung Imagelogger program shares Samsung cameras, lenses and gear for photographers from amateurs to pros to photograph the world any way they see fit. Imagelogger of the Year for each participating country was sent to Spain for the award ceremony with Samsung and Getty Images executives. We ate delicious food, saw gorgeous sites, took a Jeep Safari and most importantly, connected with other wonderful people from around the world. It was a humbling and fun experience. Here are my thirteen shots from the adventure. My photos were shot with the Samsung Galaxy NX camera.













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Thirteen Photos from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon

Samsung created the Imagelogger program, putting their newest cameras in the hands of amateur and professional photographers. From time to time, they have photo adventures where a few of us are selected and flown to fun locations to take pictures. In January 2014, I was invited to join the talented team from around the world for a photo trip to Los Angeles/Hollywood, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park. Here are my 13 photos from the trip, shot with the Samsung Galaxy NX Smart Camera. You can learn more by following Samsung Camera USA on Twitter – @samsungcameraus and Facebook.

Dog with Sunglasses
CES 2014 with TCL
Valley of Fire Nevada State Park Shot with a Samsung 10mm Fisheye Lens
Valley of Fire
Rim of Grand Canyon National Park
Mountain Bike Riders Looking at the Grand Canyon
Sunset Through an Airplane Cockpit
The Venetian Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Las Vegas Strip with Streaking Lights
Heart Skywriting
Colorful Succulents
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