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Never Say “No Problem” Again

Most humans live by the law of reciprocity where you do something of positive value for someone and they feel an obligation to do something of positive value in return.  Taking the time to enhance the lives of others will have a positive effect on yours. The critical moment comes when someone says “thank you.”  […]

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Your Mind’s Pathway

Did you know that your mind starts out like an untouched field? As you develop, you end up falling into patterns and your mind ends up carving pathways that you follow. You use the same vendors, call on the same size/type of clients, and hang out with your usual group of people. As time goes […]

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We’re America – Suck It World.

On our country’s birthday, the world celebrates with us.  In return, we give back.  And this time, it’s not just e-waste.  I present to you the facts about the United States of America. A spoof fair and balanced look at the country and it’s people. We’re America.  What do you mean there are other countries […]

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The Truthiness About Canada

For as long as I can remember,  I’ve had a love and fascination with Canada.  Canadians are some of the most gracious and friendly people I’ve ever met.  In celebration of Canada Day, I present to you the truthiness about Canada.  A number of these were provided by the kind folks on Twitter.  Yes, we’re […]

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peephole photo by Chris Campbell

Living Life Through A Peephole

When you look through your front door peephole you get a pretty wide look as to what is in front of you.  It helps you recognize if there is a friend waiting at your door, someone else with bad intentions or merely a stranger.  It gives you a pretty good look of what to expect.  […]

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Leadership Lesson from Laundry

Late Sunday night Ashley and I returned from our honeymoon and unsurprisingly, there was a significant amount of laundry to be done.  Ashley tends to wash clothes on warm/hot while I wash on cold.  When I threw in my load of laundry, it was set to hot.  I suggested to Ashley that cold would suffice […]

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God Repeats Himself

How can you tell God is talking to you?  Everyone has their own explanation.  Mine is when he repeats himself.  A few weeks ago I went to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, where Craig Groeschel spoke.  One of the struggles he mentioned was empathizing with others, especially during the hard times.  This was a new […]

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